2017 CS I: Introductory Chainsaw Safety and Technique Course

Introductory Chainsaw Safety and Technique Course
Saturday, May 6 – 8:30 am to 4 pm
$150; $130 for MOFGA members
$275; $250 MOFGA members for both introductory and intermediate courses (May 6 and 7)
Location: Flat Road Farms, 386 Flat Road, Bethel, ME

This class is for those people who are thinking of buying a chainsaw, thinking of heating with wood, are heating with wood and wish to cut their own, just started using a chainsaw, using a chainsaw without any formal training or some combination of the above. This course provides safety training and a basic introduction to proper chainsaw technique and saw maintenance. We will cover Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), proper starting technique, proper filing technique, reactive forces on the saw, bucking, compression and tension (how not to bind up your saw!) and tools of the trade. Successful completion of this course is required for students interested in further LIF chainsaw training workshops.

All students should have a helmet with eye and ear protection, chainsaw chaps and steel toed boots. If you do not have your own PPE yet, you can use our helmets and chaps. You must have your own safety boots. If you have your own chainsaw, bring it so we can look it over. We will also have saws of different sizes for students to use.

All students will start the saw and work on bucking up wood that is already on the ground. We will preview topics in the Intermediate level course, including directional felling, the open face notch, bore cut, use of wedges and information to know before felling a tree. Depending on the skill set of the class, we will end the day with participants dropping their own trees.

Lunch and tea snack included. Participants should bring any other snacks they may need.

Required Personal Protective Equipment and Gear:
steel toe boots
+/- chainsaw chaps
+/- helmet with ear and eye protection 
+/- chainsaw gloves 
** MOFGA has 5 full sets of PPE (excluding boots) for students to borrow, plus extra hardhats and ear protection. If they have their own PPE, students should bring it.
+/-chainsaw, tuned up with full safety features 
+/- chain oil
+/- premix fuel
+/- file set for sharpening chain
+/- other tools/gear/equipment to show to students or get feedback from instructors
** MOFGA will have chainsaws on loan from Stihl for students to test out and use if they don't have their own.

Students who have a saw should bring it (running, tuned, sharpened, with full safety features) but needn't go out and buy one before the course. Those without saws will leave with a better sense of what type of saw would be best for their needs.

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2017 CS I: Introductory Chainsaw Safety and Technique Course

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