2018 Organic Farming - Livestock 101: Basic Handling

Organic Farming Farming: Principles and Practices

Animal Handling/First Aid Training

Wednesday, May 16

When considering value-added endeavors, medium to large livestock are often a valuable addition to an operation. Knowing proper handling and first aid techniques can save lots of money and grief. We would like to offer training on these topics by Jacki Perkins, a long-time homesteader and MOFGA’s Dairy Specialist, and Henrietta Beaufait, a licensed, large animal, homeopathic veterinarian.

Misty Brook Farm in Albion, Maine has graciously agreed to host this training. Their farm boasts a variety of amiable livestock, which are accustomed to intensive handling, and uniquely suited as a training tool, due to the excellent training by farm staff and family members.

We invite you to join us for a day of management skills training that could possibly benefit even seasoned farmers.

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2018 Organic Farming - Livestock 101: Basic Handling

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