2018 Tree Fodder Day

MOFGA Tree Fodder Day
Monday, July 9, 2018
MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center, Unity, Maine

Animals eat what?? Enlivening Soil thru Tree-based Livestock Farming

Livestock were sustained by tree foliage and tree crops world-wide for 8 millennia. Only for 100 years, in industrial nations, have farmers and livestock been shifting to feeds and foods from tilled soil. This day will feature a tree fodder resource sharing table, historic slide show, presentations by farmers who are feeding their livestock from trees, Q &A discussion, outdoor planning and skill practice for transition of various landscapes to fodder production, and storage discussion with samples of fodders provided and invited.

$35 MOFGA or NOFA members, $50 non-members. Limited scholarships available.
For more information visit mofga.org or contact Anna Mueller at 
events@mofga.org or call (207) 568- 4142.


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2018 Tree Fodder Day

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